CCs de Venezuela

Dialogue Cooperation Circle CC


Objective: To develop intercultural and interfaith dialogue to promote peace , understanding , forgiveness and reconciliation , to study the psychological and spiritual human potential to create peace , and to educate families and communities about the values ​​of tolerance , respect , solidarity , cooperation , trust, and justice. The Venezuelan CC signed a cooperation agreement with the Central University of Venezuela for the creation of the Luis Dolan Chair as an academic body attached to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences for the educational support of the regular activities and practices.

Description: The CC held the regular meetings of the Central Committee members and the President , representatives of ten spiritual traditions such as Catholic , Presbyterian , Anglican faith , Baha'i , Brahma Kumaris , Buddhist, Taoist , Jewish , Mahikari , Indigenous worldview , artists and scientists , to share rituals , prayers and food, discussing plans and taking on tasks for completion of the one year program, orienting the intercultural dialogue for peace , with their activities of prayer , meditation, meetings, workshops, forums, films and rituals related to the orientation of research and lines of action: tools for dialogue , negotiations and agreements, building a culture of peace, ethical and civic values ​​, awareness and education in human rights, the right to spiritual journey into the myths that shape our lives , interreligious and intercultural dialogue and consideration of indigenous ancestral legacy .


Continuation of the program "Children in a World of Peace " ( in its fourth year of activity in the Central University of Venezuela , through the required community service hours before graduation), which has the purpose of training young students of different professions as facilitators of workshops in values ​​for a healthy civic life and building a culture of peace, oriented toward children 6-11 years old. The practice teaching is carried out in a variety of schools, shelters and communities.


Primary Contact:
Enoe Texier
Colinas de Bello Monte , Calle Chama
Qta. Trébol, Caracas, Venezuela 1050
Phone: + (58) 212 638 81 80
Cell Phone: + (58) 414 020 0736


Secondary Contact:
Coromoto Texier
Phone: + (58) 212 751 4353
Cell Phone: + (58) 416 618 3818



Marawaka CC


Objective: To conserve and revitalize the ancestral Kariña Culture (Caribbean linguistic group) artistic traditions, literature and spirituality, songs, shamanic funeral rituals, energizing and healing rituals in general.


Description: Seeks to foster dialogue between knowledge systems and is experienced in interethnic relations (Mapoyo, Panare, Piaroa, Jiwi) based on spirituality as a way to acquire the strength and vitality needed to cope with everyday life.


Primary Contact:
Morela Maneiro
Phone: + (58) 426 7928284

Secondary Contact:
Carmen Poyo
Cell Phone: + (58) 424 9690363



Círculo de Cooperación Quinaroa.


Objetivo: Expandir el conocimiento ancestral en la protección y conservación ambiental, con énfasis en la recuperación de sus espacios sagrados en la Madre Tierra.


Descripción: El CC Quinaroa busca crear conciencia de la importancia de vivir en armonía con un ambiente sano y protegido por cada ciudadano. Los integrantes del CC Quinaroa se dedican a dictar talleres de formación y transmisión de saberes ancestrales, conocimientos sobre la flora y fauna del área, revitalización de las manifestaciones culturales propias de los seis pueblos indígenas (Quinaroes, que hacen vida en Lagunillas, estado Mérida.


Contacto Principal:
Yelitza Rangel
Avenida Bolívar, sector San Martín, casa número 4,
municipio Sucre, Lagunillas, estado Mérida.
Teléfono: + (58) 426 9783855
+ (58) 274 4176066
Skype: liliset1

Contacto Secundario:
Carlos Andrés Villasmil
Avenida Las Palmas, Sucre, Lagunillas,
estado Mérida.