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Religious Freedom and Tributes in the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro

20 / Marzo / 2017


The Association of Fishermen of Barra da Tijuca (APELABATA), in partnership with the Group of Communication and Cultural Production(OFARERE) promoted on March 20, a great meeting of Afro-Brazilian religious institutions and leaderships, in MarechalFlorianoSquare (Cinelândia) and in the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro.


In the Square a wheel was made with songs and dances for Yemanjá, main motive of the encounter. According to the Ogan and coordinator of the OFARERE Group, Israel Evangelista, in 2012 an image representing Yemanjá, that was in the break of the Station 01 of the Avenue of Pepê in Barra da Tijuca, was completely destroyed. This image was revered by fishermen of the region as the protector of their work and symbol of their relationship with nature.

At that time, the Ofarerê Group, the Afro Religious Movement RJ, Apelabata, various institutions and priests were able to install a new image with 780kg of concrete through the Local Actions Award. Still according to Israel Evangelista, soon after the songs and dances for Yemanja in MarechalFloriano Square all entered the City Hall to participate in a solemnity of homage and recognition to all who somehow contributed to the reinstallation of Yemanjás image. During the tributes, themes such as freedom and religious intolerance were portrayed.


Among the personalities honored were:

Mother Regina Lúcia of AxéOpóAfonjá.

Mother Beata of Yemanjá.

Mother Little Girl of Oxum.

Mother Mimi of Nanã.

Mother Almerinda of Oxum.

Mother Francis of Yemanjá.

Mother Edelzuita of Oxaguian.

Doné Glorinha de Tokweno.


In Memorian: Ìyá Regina de Bamgboṣe, ÌyáNilzete de Yemanjá do Axé Oxumarêand Pai Caboclo Saleof Axé. The digital newspaper Awure also supported the event represented by the delegate and MakotaPatrícia Pires.


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Thanks to the Waters Ceremony.

18 / Marzo / 2017


The Nowa Cumig Center of Native Traditions held a beautiful Ceremony of Thanks to the Waters on February 2, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro. The participants brought water of various origins (spring water, water from river, waterfall, lake, well, rain and sea) and danced, prayed and thanked all the waters that joined the waters of the sea on the Beach of Flamengo. So these waters "told the secrets" of the various places from which they came to the waters of the sea which in turn inspired them to make the necessary changes both internally and externally. URI was represented at the event through the participation of Alice Gress, deputy coordinator of the Cooperation Circle Interreligious Movement of Rio de Janeiro.



1st Inter-Religious Forum of the Instituto Expo Religião (Expo Religion Institute)

18 / Marzo / 2017


On January 28, 2017, the 1st Inter-Religious Forum of the Instituto Expo Religião took place in the City of Rio de Janeiro, an important event to bring clarification on the history of religions, inter-religiosity in the sphere of public education and prevention of cases of religious intolerance. Present were representatives of various religions and traditions: Catholic, Mormon, Orthodox, Sunni Muslim, Shiite Muslim, Evangelical, Shaman, Indigenous, Pagan, Hare Krishina, Candomblé, Umbanda, Spiritist, Buddhist, Gypsy and Freemason. The event also counted on the participation of public authorities of the government of the State of Rio de Janeiro as well as of the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias, Nova Iguaçu and São João de Meriti. In addition to the preparation of a document to be sent to the various competent public bodies, the Instituto Expo Religião offered to provide advisory services to these bodies regarding inter-religiosity. The vice-coordinator of the URI Cooperation Circle Inter-religious Movement of Rio de Janeiro, Alice Gress, was one of the participants of the event.




18 / Marzo / 2017


Several human rights bodies in the Federal District, Brazil, together with religious leaders and interreligious and ecumenical organizations, among them the United Religions Initiative - URI Brasilia - jointly built an agenda for the week of "National Day to Combat Religious Intolerance - January 21th". The agenda is also part of the World Interfaith Harmony Week celebrations.

On January 19, a debate was held with the theme "Threats to religious diversity and secularism in Brazil", in the Anglican Cathedral of Brasilia.

In the morning of January 20, an event of the National Committee for Respect of Religious Diversity of the Special Secretariat for Human Rights, an organ of the Federal Government of Brazil, was held. There was a presentation about an important report, a book and a research on religious diversity. Elianildo Nascimento, coordinator of the URI Brasilia Cooperation Circle, was one of the panelists.

On January 20, from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m., a public event was held at the Plano Piloto Bus Station, Brasília, headed by Terreiro Peoples Network and Terreiro Youth.

Also on the 20th, at the end of the afternoon, a presentation was made by the Religious Diversity Committee of the Federal District (CDDR), in the Noble Hall of the Buriti Palace.

On January 21, several health, hygiene, cultural and citizenship services were offered to the inmates of the SalveaSi - Institution for Treatment of Chemical Dependents, as well as an Ecumenical Chain of Prayer for World Peace, for the harmony of families and for the end of intolerance and the various forms of violence.

The closing of the activities took place at 5:00 pm on day 21 at the Shin Buddhist Temple in Brasilia, where there was a beautiful Interfaith Celebration with the participation of the diverse leaders and organizations, followed by a social moment.

It was a week of intense activity in various spaces that reached a very considerable number of people, raising the flag of peace, harmony, conciliation and religious diversity.

Realization and support: Atheist Association of the Central Plateau; National Council of Christian Churches of Brazil - CONIC; Anglican Episcopal Church - IEAB DF; United Religions Initiative - URI Brasília; Ilê Orinla Fun Fun - Temple of Candomblé; Jovens de Terreiro - DF; Observatory of Religious Freedom - OLIR DF; Ecumenical Youth Network - REJU DF; Undersecretary of Human Rights Policies of the Government of the Federal District - SEDESTMIDH; Area of Religious Diversity - SEDH.




18 / Marzo / 2017


The religious segments belonging to URI Campinas CC engaged in two events celebrating the National Day to Combat Religious Intolerance and the World Interfaith Harmony Week, under the prism of building a pluralistic society, based on the recognition and respect for differences of beliefs.

On January 19, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., in the Red Hall of the City Hall of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, a Solemn Act of the Municipal Day to Combat Religious Intolerance was celebrated. It is in the official calendar of Campinas on the same date as the National Day to Combat Religious Intolerance, January 21. On this occasion the representatives of many traditions were invited to talk about life and death from the perspective of their tradition. The URI Global Council Trustee Salette Aquino spoke about respect and unity among religions.

On January 20, a beautiful meeting was held to celebrate cooperation and interfaith harmony at 7 pm at Casa de Cultura Fazenda Roseira (Rose Garden Farm Culture House), in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, with several religious representatives and 72 young people from the group "Juventude de Terreiro".

URI members were active in both activities. Each religion/tradition conveyed its message of peace and goodness.




16 / Marzo / 2017


The 2do Walk for Peace took place in Parque Areião, in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil, on January 21, 2017 as a celebration of the National Day to Combat Religious Intolerance and the World Interfaith Harmony Week. It was an important moment of fraternization and debate about the respect between different traditions. Attention was drawn to the need to safeguard the right of worship for all, and to combat prejudice, especially in relation to the traditions of African matrices, those that most face discrimination in Brazil. The walk went from 5 participants to 23 this year, a breakthrough. The participants, from various religious traditions, presented themselves as they walked; they spoke about URI and about the interfaith movement. Some children brightened up the activity and also talked about their religious traditions. The walk ended with a prayer of each tradition/religion and the firm commitment to bring more people next year.



Report of the participation of the URI Global Council Trustee Salette Aquino at the 26th Meeting of the New Consciousness in Campina Grande - Brazil – Feb 2017

15 / Marzo / 2017



Campina Grande, the second largest city in the state of Paraíba in the Brazilian Northeast, currently has approximately 370,000 inhabitants, it has two renowned public universities, UFPB and UEPB, as well as numerous private universities. Effervescent in academic and popular culture, the city hosts numerous important events in the national scene.

The Meeting of the New Consciousness is an annual multicultural event, always held during the Carnival period in Campina Grande, bringing together discussions in the social, environmental, cultural, philosophical, human rights, arts, cooperation and interreligious dialogues, among other topics.

In the traditional and renowned ColégioEstadual da Prata (Silver State School), in its 26th edition, the New Conscience Meeting brought, in addition to the central programming, 20 parallel events. In the past, according to Elianildo Nascimento, founder of CC Brasília and co-organizer of the New Conscience Meetings since its first edition, there have been, in several editions, about 87 events as parallel activities joined to the agenda of the main Meeting. Independently of the New Consciousness Encounter, other religious events take place in the city during the same carnival period: the Encounter of the Spiritist Integration Movement in Paraíba (since 1974), a Catholic Encounter - Growing - and more recently the evangelical event called Christian Consciousness.

Annually, events are organized to give visibility to URI byElianildo Nascimento, where URI is presented with a view to encouraging the construction of new CCs, since there are presences of several States participating in the Meeting.

It is important to emphasize that the Meeting of the New Consciousness has already been honored by important names of the URI: Father Dollan (years 1998/1999), André Porto, Nun Coen and Lia Diskin were in Campina Grande even before signing the URI Charter, as well as the Benedictine monk Marcelo Barros, who also contribuited to write URI Charter and to this day is a mandatory presence at the event. Pastor Elias Andrade, as URI Trustee, and several other members of Brasilia CC such as Fernando La Rocque, MavesperCeridwen and IzaVicino have also attended.

As speakers at the URI events and also at the Meeting, in addition to the names mentioned, we had reference names in the interreligious field and culture of peace, such as the late Professor Pierre Weil, Pastor NehemiasMarien and the Monk Ricardo Mário Gonçalves.

Below I reproduce the part of the program that I attended during the event. In addition, URI formally had three opportunities to present itself within the Program, during which we focused on disseminating our interreligious network, publicizing the A Song for Peace Festival and informing about the bills that are being discussed in the Congress and in the Federal Senate, linked to Human Rights, many of which endanger the secularism of the Brazilian State at the moment. This third subject was always very well placed by Elianildo Nascimento, due to his daily performance in the National Congress in Brasilia. From our statements, several people were interested in the creation of a CC in Campina Grande. Mr. WittemburgoGonçalves, a judge, a spiritist, offered his house to have a first conversation in that direction. This meeting happened after my departure from the city. Elianildo was present. A representative of the Bahais, Ms. OdeteLacerda and her husband and Mr. Ricardo Allysson, current President of the New Consciousness NGO, met and are organizing a larger meeting for the beginning of April with the purpose of forming the new CC.

URI Brazil received from Monk Marcelo Barros three books of his own as a gift and the nod with the possibility of setting up a CC in Recife!

It would be very extensive to reproduce all the speeches and experiences obtained during the four days of the event. I selected some thoughts and shared information as if they were voices reminding us of our commitments to ourselves, to our country and to the world.

"A Planet for all - not just for humans. The spark of the divine is in everything.

The only possible revolution is that which we realize within ourselves (Ghandi).

We welcome our shadows to be transformed and loved. We have to be audacious and not shy - based on the thinking of Allan Kardec, that the bad guys are jumping up and the good guys are hiding themselves.

The old world agonizes; the new world is yet to be born and in the meantime the monsters break out.

The lies are repeated as if they were truths.

To silence the truth is omission.

The Brazilian people have to react, to regain their ability to mobilize. 900 billion BRL are financing the debt. They donated the pre-salt, they sliced Petrobras, they want to privatize the foresight, to end the CLT.

The rise of Nazism: how could this have happened? How was slavery possible? How can we sleep peacefully knowing what our prisons are like in the country? Durkheim says that to a large extent, we are all employees of this company that we call Society: some more consciously, others without reflection. We need to fight this conservative wave - join all forces. A struggle that began now, leaving aside the resentments (among the lefts, for example).

About 70 billion animals are killed every year in the world. In Brazil they are 5.5 billion. 10,000 every minute. A hen takes up the space of a sheet of paper. 30% of the worlds agricultural land areas are used as pasture. Vegetarian diet is healthier. Action that brings impact, for example is the Second Meatless - by people, by the Planet, by animals.

Jung liked the idea of religare, but not necessarily with religion. Reconnection with the sacred.

Self-knowledge, yes, but the meaning of life has to be social. It is in crisis that we will make sense.

From Monica Medeiros, doctor and ufologist: 20 types of extraterrestrial races are in contact with humans. Sizes varying from 1.20 to 2.20 m. They have already talked to all the most important rulers in our planet and proposed to arrange everything on Earth and the counterpart was that nuclear energy could no longer be used. They did not want to. Abducted people: they are volunteers of the new race project, beings with karmic commitments, donors of genetic material, end up developing the mediumistic faculties. 90% of whats on the internet about ETs is wrong. ETs say the human race is hostile. Prerequisite to have contact: self-knowledge and practice of good, overcome fear.

When the problem of the person is not physical, but of the perispirit, the magnetism solves. Depression is also very effectively treated by magnetism. Every 40 seconds a person attempts suicide. More than 18 diseases are improved by magnetism.

Remembered the music of Raul Seixas: God on the phone - you are misrepresenting my message. Do not just pray: act!

65% of people suffering from autoimmune diseases have developed these diseases because they harbored grief. The absence of forgiveness is the cause of many illnesses. Its a public health problem.

My way of being will attract what I emanate, so fate is choice, it is choice.

Peace, justice and equality will never be instituted in life by decree.

It is urgent to return to the faculties of law and accentuate human rights. The legal world is divided, there are extreme right-wing currents, but there are organizations like Judges for Democracy, Lawyers for the Resistance, who have not abandoned the human rights banner."

I am thankful to URILatin America for the opportunity to attend the Meeting. BRL1,514.76 was used for airfare. I thank immensely to João Nascimento for the welcome in his house. Mr. Danda, as he is known, father of Elianildo, is 93 years old, in full lucidity. Provided lodging, meals and many teachings!

From the countless television, radio and photographic records of the event, we bring the following:


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01 / March / 2017