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Construyendo puentes - URIALC

Bridge Builders

Is the name of a program initiated by the Embassy of the United States in Buenos Aires during 2009/2010. This first stage was aimed at students between 18 and 30 years old from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities in the country. The project connected this diversity of young people, promoting constructive relationships between them, including understanding and trust in shared spaces for study and action. The initiative consisted in generating meeting points between like-minded youth in order to reduce the tensions created by the fear of the unknown and motivate the search for the tools needed to plan, engage and support shared actions of solidarity.





In a second stage, from 2011 the scope of this experience diversified to other areas, reaching mainly two groups: teachers in schools and public and private universities and law officers. In the Youth Training Camp for Leadership the diversity expanded to include youth of native peoples, Buddhists, and those without a religious orientation. Towards the end of 2012 the coordinators of "Bridge Builders" took over a weekly radio program inviting the community to the dialogue and to a form of constructive relationship, free from prejudice.


Construyendo Puentes - URI
Construyendo Puentes - URI