Proyectos en desarrollo URIALC

Qullan Tapa: Nest of Paz (Bolivia), en la otra línea Espacio de Sanación Espiritual

Restauración comunitaria por la sanación espiritual y la convivencia intercultural

NIdo de paz - URIALC

Community Pilot Project, Ecumenical and Interreligious

Community Ancoraimes Tocoli-Municipality - Province Omasuyus -

Department of La Paz – Bolivia



Project Leaders:
Project Commission, based in La Paz - Bolivia:
Mario Castillo and Ms.
Roberto Castillo and Ms.
Diácono Calixto Quispe Huanca and Ms.
MEIPI CC-URI Interfaith Ecumenical Movement and Indigenous Peoples.


Direct actors and beneficiaries: 
The project comes from the community and is for the community, as well as extension to the surrounding communities. From the old man or woman, to grandchild and everyone in their community system are direct beneficiaries. The project has its own Commission for Implementation and administration of the two sub-projects A and B.

    Nido de paz - URIALC

    It is urgent to strengthen community awareness and living in the framework of spiritualities . There is a reality threatened, where life is seduced by pleasure, drugs, sex, the market, ... where the living being is used for profit , then the need for spiritual healing of humanity and the cosmos appears.
    That knowledge and spiritualities be alternative sources for new relationships in the dimension of the dynamics of continuous transformation. That the restoration of religious, cultural, ethical practices... from different spiritualities, counter the anti – values of the consumerist system from the marketplace. That the meeting of different cultures serve to sense the new visions, to live in the cosmic good. It is up to human and cosmic rights to defend the ancestral knowledge, natural resources, the co-existence and harmonious relationship with the cosmos. That different generations, religions, worldviews, and cultures be equal for a dialogue with new emerging cultures through globalization. That visitors from other cultures be welcome to promote intercultural encounters and share the diversities of knowledge.


That the community, first, reconstitute its identity with the space QULLAN TAPA, nest of peace for spiritual healing and, secondly, with the SUM UTA community habitat to promote intercultural encounter and coexistence . That it be a meeting place of cultures and dialogue of knowledge, beliefs and worldviews heading towards unity. That the Andean spiritual healing system be enriched by the philosophy of complementarity with other spiritualities.
That one day we produce alternative ideas, dreams , knowledge, all weaving in sharing together to recreate the new vision of life. That the community be the scene of a real encounter of theologies between the different Christian churches, ancient spiritualities and other historical religions of the world.
That the community economy be a model of reciprocity and solidarity as alternatives to a individualist, capitalist market, that seduces us for consumerism.
That visitors be part of the cause of reconstitution where another different coexistence is possible and necessary. That the worldview of the past not be alien to the future generations, nor the worldview that emerges with human mobility.


Overall Objective:
Gestate spirituality and life in the Andean world through QULLAN TAPA, Nest of Peace, to offer spiritual healing and SUM UTA , the community habitat , and, in this way, facilitate intercultural coexistence and interchange the two spaces for the comprehensive restoration of humanity and the cosmos.


Nido de paz - URIALC

Mesa ritual para pedir permiso a la madre tierra.

Specific Objectives:

  • - Restore the new cosmic relations and coexistence in the community system.
  • - Experience a spiritual revival to feel, live and proclaim the beauty of life.
  • - Provide a space for reconciliation and reunion within Andean spirituality.
  • - To strengthen ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue from the rereading of ancestral knowledge and emerging knowledge, sensing the signs of new times.
  • - Foster the silence to listen and rescue the power of faith and the message of the word in favor of life.
  • - That the spiritual healing experience and intercultural harmony have an impact in the present historical context.

It will be developed in the Community of Tocoli, bordered on the east by the community of ISPAYA and on the west the community of QUIRIWATI. It is on the edge of Lake Titicaca, Ancoraimes Township, Omasuyos Province, north of the city of La Paz in front of the shore of the Island of the Sun. It has a population of about 25 families. Their livelihoods are based on fishing and the cultivation of potatoes, beans, barley, quinoa, wheat. It is an ancient community that because of isolation and different religious impositions of the colonial and republican periods, has been stripped of many of its cultural values. In 2005 the entire shore of Lake Titicaca has been declared "tourist track" with the aim of promoting indigenous tourism; however, uncontrolled tourism, guided by the profit motive and without taking into account the local socio-cultural needs and contexts, can be very harmful, and become a new threat of ethnocide and genocide for the ancient culture.
This project addresses the challenge of providing support so that the community can be at this time the principal director of its own destiny and have an awareness of national and global reality. All this it to come from the recovery of identity and self-determination, in order to contribute to the defense of life, taking into account the constant changes in history.
But we believe and are convinced that myths, legends, stories, cosmic forces, the harmonic relationship with nature, solidarity economy, prophetic Christian faith ... are hopes to continue to dream of a future of good community living . To do this we need people to join and not be paternalistic .


Investment Required : US $ 20,000.00




Part A
Space for Spiritual Healing.
Responsible: Diácono Calixto Quispe Huanca.
It is the site of action in the context of spiritual retreat and therefore is the desert, to feel, hear, see a new opportunity to be reborn. It is based on Andean philosophy. By complementation, spiritual healing and intercultural harmony are always linked. Ancient and popular wisdom says: "What we give you is a good for you and what you give us will be a good for us and now is the good time. All this is expressed in a strong embrace of faith. "It is to give and receive from heart to heart, in the context of the community's vision. Knowing that the contribution of visitors reaches everyone from the elderly to the grandson.

Nest of Peace - URIALC


Apthapi the community feast.


The 5 spiritual healing therapies.
The 5 altars and ritual moments:
Welcoming and listening to the pilgrim and his expectations.
1st Altar. Purification for reconciliation, for the rupture of human and cosmic relationships.
2do Altar. Conversion and restoration therapy, and the experience a new rebirth.
3rd Altar. The spiritual confirmation of a rebirth and commitment to start a new human coexistence, community and cosmic.
The 4th Altar. Ritual celebration of gratitude for the experience of restoration and the healing mission.
The 5th Altar. The sharing of Apthapi , the daily bread that is shared in community.
The response of the community to experience intercultural coexistence becomes reality in the SUM UTA .



What is spiritual healing?
It is purification is to scatter and remove all the energies of death; the practice of silence in the womb of Mother Earth and in the wilderness, on the shore of the Sacred Lake Titicaca; it is to experience the sacred in the Andean vision and other spiritualities in connection with all creation. It is the practices of different therapies connected with the spiritual guardians, with contemplative music to feel from the heart of man to the cosmos. It is the strength to concentrate, to connect and listen to the message of the Word of God, the ancestors and the cosmos. It is the expression of gestures, signs, symbols , time and feelings of ancient sacred experiences, to provide feedback to the new historical contexts. They are women and men, leaders who are mediators, sharing the power of healing .
It is the cosmic desert, the QULLAN TAPA space, the nest of peace.


What will you receive as a pilgrim?
Reception, in direct contact with the ancient community. Different spiritual healing therapies. The opportunity for conversion and integral rebirth which will favor the path of a new opportunity to give meaning to life. Reconciliation and cosmic purification of the energies in the system of death. Illumination of spiritual forces to give meaning and peace to existence. The experience of silence at the maternity of Mother Earth. The power of the word and its message of hope to be faithful to the gift of life.
Contemplative music for the reunion of oneself in the desert silence.
The experience of a new opportunity to restore the love of life.


Nido de paz - URIALC


Paseo por el lago sagrado y el paisaje.

To walk now we have:
Experiences of service in spiritual healing . The conviction and the option of integration and communion from different spiritualities . A geographical space has been consecrated. The model of the sacred space in the indicated location. The design for the construction of the 5 altars. The construction of a house for pilgrims who want to contribute as volunteers. The willingness, faith, hope in the dream of the community. Open arms and doors for those who want to accompany opening this unpublished path of healing from your faith. Welcome with your unconditional support in the path of defense of life throughout the cosmos.




Activities to be held in the future:
Build an interfaith community and mystique to live the diversity of spiritualities.
Restore the Wak'as ancestral temples and recreate the new altars for spiritual encounters. Create a system of hygienic toilets in order to not pollute the environment. Build a irrigation system network to create and protect the Andean forest. Build a solar panel to prevent environmental pollution. Build five altars of healing and the reception area. Plant an Andean forest to serve as wall for the healing space. Plant and care for medicinal herbs. Plant ornamental trees. Plant and care for medicinal flowers. Prepare appropriate places to set up tents for retreats on the shore of the lake.


Part B:
Suma Uta Community Habitat for Intercultural Coexistence
Responsible: Mario Castillo and Roberto Castillo.
The whole community is at the service of the encounter and intercultural coexistence after the spiritual healing. With love we offer what little we have and receive what they bring to enrich us in the globalization of solidarity.


What will you receive as a pilgrim?
The acceptance, affection , smile in the context of faith in direct contact with the ancient community . The beautiful Andean valley scenery at the shore of Lake Titicaca. The music, the party, the Apthapi ancient food. Reflect together on issues of common interest.
Share community work. The various sports activities . The walk around the lake and the ancient temples. At night the bonfire for the intercultural party. The intercultural encounter to enrich the giving and receiving.


At the present we have:
The Experience of Community Service in several encounters. Space set aside for the SUM UTA center for intercultural coexistence. Construction material ( stones ) prepared. 50 straw mattresses bought with their blankets for overnights. There is a place for communal accommodation 1) For 20 people with electricity and water, and 2) rooms for 40 people . The temporary kitchen is ready, until the new center is built.
The place for reflection has been built and its altar on the shore of Lake Titicaca . The trees are already planted for the future Andean forest around the community center.
With humility we offer lodging in the homes when the visitors desire. Such is the sacrifice of the community without asking for help from others.


Activities to be carried out in the future:
Design and build the center itself with bedrooms, dining rooms, conference rooms , kitchens, bathrooms , showers, museum , exhibition hall and first aid room , etc . , To provide favorable conditions for accommodation. Build the reception hall.
Integrate children to participate actively with a view toward the future. Extension of the water system to the new center. Extension of electricity to the new center. Build a fish hatchery in the lake. Build or buy a reed boat.
Erect individual tents on the shore of the lake. Improve agricultural production.
Reactivate the various ancient crafts. Create alternative games for the childhood to have fun in the woods.


Nido de paz - URIALC


Accommodation: communal and at homes of the families .

Our Faith in Spiritual Healing
We believe that the wisdom and spirituality of the ancient cultures are threatened to succumb because of human mobility.
We believe that globalization warns us to create new spaces for dialogue, discernment, looking toward a new vision of culture and life.
We believe that in today's world the new generations are well in body but spiritually there is a lack of faith , values, principles ... and therefore are so confused, stressed , sad , feel abandoned , frustrated , without an objective look at the future, and so find no meaning to cosmic life.
We believe that spiritual healing is urgent to address and fill that spiritual void, to give water of the fountain of life to the thirsty.
We believe that the ancient healing experience is complemented by other spiritual healing experiences.
We believe that we must also heal the whole environment that cries out to be defended from the energies and practices of death.
We believe in healing systems that threaten life throughout the cosmos.
We believe that we must all join, sharing the methods and forms of healing for global coexistence .
We believe the purifying action of ancestral energies existing in the different religions in the world.
We believe in the soil, plants, animals that have the gift of purification.
We believe in our natural leaders who practice healing under the force of faith and facilitate dialogue with other healings because of the challenge of globalization.
We believe that in ancient sacred sites the energies of peace still vibrate to connect us and restore us spiritually and bodily.
We believe it is urgent to hear God, the ancestors, nature, the cry of mother earth and the historical context .
We believe in the new opportunity for the spiritual healing of humanity and the entire cosmic universe.
We believe that you and I, and all of us have the gift of healing for humanity and the cosmos.
We believe that intercultural coexistence in the context of the globalization of love and passion for the gift of life is possible and necessary.
We believe in dialogue from heart to heart, from symbol to symbol, smile to smile , from faith to faith , from genus to genus
We believe in prophecy and in the smiles of the elderly men and women, grandsons and granddaughters .
We believe in the living power of ancestors in the past, present and looking toward the future.
We believe that in all creation there are manifestations of spiritual gifts to fulfill a mission to give meaning to life.