Proyectos en desarrollo URIALC

Children in a world of Peace

Community Service Project


The need to strengthen the development of values ​​among children and youth in Venezuela to promote healthy coexistence between all citizens is widely recognized. " CHILDREN IN A WORLD OF PEACE " comes from the interest of the Luis Dolan Chair attached to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and the Circle of Cooperation Dialogue ( CCD URI Venezuela ), to meet the goal of "Educating families and communities in mutual respect, dialogue, fraternal solidarity, cooperation, trust, justice, tolerance and peace." For this reason it has a children's area oriented toward the learning and practice of values ​​for sociability and mutual understanding which helps children develop self-discipline, healthy relationship habits and internalize principles of self esteem and solidarity.


This is done through completely free weekly workshops for children between 7 and 10 years old, of two academic hours, where through reading , games, stories , songs and drawings they work on strengthening the values ​​of tolerance , love , respect , peace and fellowship.



  • Develop a Program of Education for Peace through the community of the Central University of Venezuela, oriented towards learning and practicing values ​​associated with civic life and assist in family education by promoting - from an early age - the virtues that develop the capacity for harmonious and healthy human relationships.


  • Offer students of different careers the chance to contribute, from the perspective of their particular discipline, to building a Culture of Peace, be trained as facilitators of the Values ​​Workshops for Children and perform their community service throughout the country.

The workshops take place in formal and informal educational institutions, both public and private, and in related entities, thus extending the geographic areas of influence of the Central University of Venezuela within the whole country.


Academic Tutor: Dra. Enoé Texier
Professor at FACES . Coordinator of the Luis Dolan Chair and URI Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean


Community Tutor: Prof. Weldon Woodard
Member of Academic Committee Chair Luis Dolan and DC Dialogue, URI Venezuela