Qué es URI

The Latin America and the Caribbean Region is one of the eight ( 8) regional anchor points that connect the Cooperation Circles ( CCs) which are the heart of URI, while at the same time link with the Global URI Network. Our Latin America region consists of fifty ( 50 ) CCs which are organized independently, are self-financing , are autonomous, and are currently distributed in thirteen (13 ) countries. The size of the CCs varies, today, from a minimum of seven ( 7) members to thirty- two ( 32 ), who profess different religious traditions, including also ancient indigenous spirituality in its continental diversity, and the non-religious who share the principles of the Founding Charter of URI.

These CCs promote cooperation among people, thus addressing the most pressing issues facing their local communities. Their work encompasses different areas: promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue between young people and adults, educating for environmental protection and appreciation, taking care of Mother Earth; improving the household economy in poor communities, educating children and youth in the values of peace and coexistence, combating racial and ethnic discrimination; avoiding gender abuse; empowering women against abuse and domestic violence , organizing retreats, camps and activities in general, connecting with the sacred; ensuring compliance with fundamental human rights, spreading the URI mission and practicing its principles in the daily experience of life.

Grupo URI